Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So I just started this blog this morning and already this little girl has so many new things to share :). Last week or so Grammy thought it would be a good idea to teach Addy to go down the stairs backwards safely. Well that sort of backfired because now thats the only thing that she likes to do and she has recently found other stairs she likes to climb as well.........and I thought the Christmas tree was going to be a problem! NOT! :) hahahah, this kiddo is a handful FOR SURE! So funny :) Maybe I can get her to help with the dishes sooner than later.....would that be considered part of child labor??? :) hehe.

Well I decided to finally try this blogging thing out since everyone seems to think it's so great and easy ")...we'll see. It has been the busiest, most wonderful year yet for the Martin family. We completed our little family with Addelyn late last December and it's so amazing to me that she is already almost one! I cannot even think of life before Addelyn anymore. How boring our lives must have been before children. They fill such a void in your life and in your heart that there are no words to possibly explain the feelings that they bring to your lives. We are so truly blessed and so very thankful.